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Partium is the leading Enterprise Part Search Engine for industrial spare parts and home improvement components. With Partium, everyone can find the right part for the job! 

The Partium Suite is composed out of API, SDK, and mobile App and is ready to go.

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      We started Partium because we wanted to make part searches easy for everyone. Today, Partium is a global organization with offices in the US, Canada, Spain, Austria, and Germany.

      Here you can find out more about Partium, who we are, and what we do.

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        2 min read

        4 Innovations for Home Improvement Retailers you don’t want to miss

        Featured Image

        We have collected information on the latest retail innovations within the home improvement sector to drive business through digital hacks and improve the customers’ shopping experience. 

        #1 Personalization & Customization

        Customization technologies change the way retailers operate their eCommerce platforms and interact with their customers. Customers will feel appreciated and better taken care of if the offers are tailor-made and meet their needs. Companies benefit from behavioral and demographic data from consumer interactions, which provides valuable feedback.

        #2 Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality

        The use of AI allows retailers to get to know their customers much better and in real-time. Businesses can now deliver on-point information after analyzing all the data gathered, allowing them to determine patterns, predict purchases, and actively offer them to their customers. 

        But things have advanced even more: AR and VR help create exceptional shopping experiences, whether offline, in-store, or online. 

        See for yourself how this could look like:


        #3 Mobile Engagement 

        Smartphones are the new shopping carts! Frequent smartphone shoppers spend approximately 25 % more than the average shoppers. We recommend driving mobile engagement as much as possible to connect the online and offline shopping experience. 

        Mobile Engagement in-store increases attention, brand awareness, customer loyalty and enhances the overall shopping experience. Companies such as Heineken, Winewoo, and McDonald’s show how it’s done: They offer their customers apps to get additional information about products in-store by simply scanning them with their smartphone, collect loyalty points, receive coupon codes, and vouchers via gamification.  

        And there is no reason why companies in the retail and home improvement space could not leverage the same approach. 

        #4 Visual Shopping

        Technological evolution is the enabler of visual shopping solutions, such as image recognition or other AI-based technologies. Shopping for products via visual search saves a lot of time and is much more convenient. It is beneficial if you don’t know the name of the part you are looking for or for pieces that look pretty similar, e.g., a spark plug and an O2 sensor, different screws or screw-nuts,… Using a visual search solution, customers can help themselves and are not dependent on support through a sales assistant.

        Is customer experience, driving conversion rates, and digital innovation top of mind for you as well? Let’s talk! We offer mobile smartphone apps, available as a stand-alone solution or SDK for integration in your existing mobile or PoS solutions.

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        On the Road to Success: 9 Manufacturing Trends to focus on in 2022

        The year 2021 is coming to an end. We researched and gathered some information about 9 manufacturing trends you better...

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        How to make the most out of your Asset Management Solution

        Here’s everything you need to know!

        Identify assets & spares, no matter what condition they are in, in 30 seconds by...

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        How to reduce turnover rate in maintenance and make your team happy

        In maintenance, knowledge about spare parts is critical. When long-term employees quit, they take all this knowledge...